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Manage all your CareerBeacon job postings in one spot.
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Manage and Control Your Account

With Employer Services you can track all your live, draft, and closed job postings. You can also pre-purchase job posting credits for great savings.

Manage and Control Your Account
Create, Edit, Promote Your Jobs
Create, Edit, Promote Your Jobs

You can now create, edit, and promote your job postings on CareerBeacon in real-time. You shouldn't have to wait to make your job posting the way you want it. Oh and did we mention you can post in English and French!

Billing Made Simple

Apply a credit card to your account to process all of your CareerBeacon transactions simply and securely. Need an invoice? Not a problem, we can do that too!

Billing Made Simple
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I create a job posting on CareerBeacon?
Posting your job on Careerbeacon is easy! Simply Sign-Up or Sign-In and click the “Create Job Posting” button on your dashboard. Then you can select the type of posting you want, add your job info, and press publish. You'll be able to view your posting live on CareerBeacon immediately.
How much does it cost to post a job posting on CareerBeacon?
There are three types of job postings on CareerBeacon. Featured Job Postings cost $514, Spotlight Job Postings cost $424, and Standard Job Postings cost $375.
What are the benefits of Featured Job Postings?
Featured Job Postings receive, on average, 5X more views than Spotlight Jobs and up to 3X more Apply clicks. Why? Because they are placed in highly-visible sections either above or below the search results for 14 days. The increased visibility makes these the best-performing jobs!
How am I billed for a job posting?
When you are ready to publish your posting, you’ll be able to add your credit card details and have your payment processed securely via Stripe.
Do you offer discounts if I post multiple jobs?
Yes! Use the self-serve to purchase up to 10 job posting credits at a discount. If you need more than 10 credits, talk to our sales team to get a job posting bundle that works for you and your hiring needs.
What information do I need to post a job on CareerBeacon?
To post a job, we require a Title, Description, Job Type, Location, and Job Category. For the best results with your posting, we strongly recommend including any information that job seekers need to know before clicking the apply button. You’ll have all the space you need for extra details like perks, the application process, and most importantly – why they should apply!
What are tips for writing an effective job posting on CareerBeacon?
The best-performing job postings have a few things in common. Some things you’ll want to consider before you hit publish:
  • Sell the opportunity, and the company.
  • Keep it concise (according to Textio, the best performing job postings are between 300-700 words)
  • Be specific and avoid vague statements or generic terms.
  • Include a clear, direct job title. Hint: Think of what the job seeker will type into the search.
  • Use clearly labeled headings to format your job posting.
  • Include salary and benefits and include them near the top of the posting.
  • Don’t forget to describe the application process and set expectations.
Will I know if a job seeker applies to my job posting?
When a job seeker applies to one of your job postings via CareerBeacon, you will receive an email notifying you. The applicant’s information and resume will also appear in your dashboard under the relevant job posting.
Can CareerBeacon help me manage my candidates?
CareerBeacon shows you who has applied to your jobs, their resumes and cover letters. If you’re looking for more advanced Applicant Tracking System features, please contact our Sales Team for information about your options.
Can I screen candidates with CareerBeacon?
Talk to our Sales team to learn more about how our ATS can help with pre-screening questions, applicant status, and many other features to simplify your recruiting process.
*Featured Jobs show based on search relevance, and these placements display at equally distributed random intervals, in priority visual spaces to job seekers to increase visibility.
*All job postings are listed for 30 days. After 14 days, Featured Job Postings are converted to Spotlight Job Postings for the remaining 16 days.